Protect you from
90% of Harmful
Blue Light

The Real Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for everyone

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Eye Protection

Helps filter harmful blue lights causes eye strains, fatigue, and blurred vision.

6X Anti-Shock

Engineered using revolutionary polymeric material. 6X stronger than glass protectors.


Formulated with Silver Ions which effectively kills 99% of harmful bacteria.

Lotus FX
Oleophobic Coating

Super smooth with easy cleaning surface.

Lab Tested and Certified

We recognise the dangers of excessive blue light exposure in children and adults who use LED gadgets, and we take great pride in meeting the essential standards to ensure that X.One® Armorvisor is the best-performing and most reliable blue light Screen Protector available.

Who Needs Armorvisor?

Working Professionals | Kids | Gamers

Working Professionals

Working remotely is the new norm during pandemic. Thus, we tend to spend more time staring at laptops, and other digital screens. The more hours you use your devices, higher the amount of blue light rays will penetrate the eyes.

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Kids and teens also use smart devices for entertainment, gaming and educational purposes. Children and younger individuals are at particular risk, because their eye lenses are especially transparent.

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Blocking out the blue light from your screen allows you to focus on your game completely without any distraction from eye-strain or headache. Staring too long at digital screens starts to give you that blurred vision

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This screen protector is fantastic! When viewing with my iPhone 12 Pro late at night or early in the morning, it relieves eye strain.

Mike H.

This is the second time I've used this protection on a phone. Definitely worth the money. My previous phone, which I had fallen numerous times, was entirely secured, and when I took it out to trade it in, it appeared

Henry G.

Always love xone screen protectors and their casing. Never have any issues with them.

Jack W.

What I wanted was available, and I was able to order it quickly and for a reasonable price. I was able to obtain what I required. Exceptional.

Pravin V.

Great product, wonderful customer service and fast shipping! Very early delivery very impressed with the quality. I highly recommend this seller, very professional, products are quality. Thank you!


I'm really happy with my purchase; the transaction went well, and the item arrived on time. I would highly recommend this product to my family. A great group of people!

Bridgette P.

This screen protector exceeded expectations. Don't smudge like the previous screen protector of a different brand.

Richard F.

I didn't want to put it on, but my phone was in desperate need of a protection. When I started following the instructions, it nearly attached itself! There are no bubbles, and everything is perfectly aligned!

Grace A.

The Real Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

Guard your eyes from harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light from your phone’s screen. Get protected today.

Armorvisor for iPhone

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