Powered by Impact Fusion™ Technology

Hybrid Polymer Material

As tough as it gets, our proprietary screen protector material uses the very same material that is trusted to shield military helicopter blades.

What is Impact Fusion™?

An advanced multi-layered structure that is able to absorb and disperse shocks effectively, providing up to 7X Impact Protection for your screen.

How Does It Work?

Shock Dispersion Layer

When an impact occurs, the Shock Dispersive Layer acts as a shock-absorber by spreading out impact across the surface. This weakens the impact intensity, to minimize direct impact being applied to the original screen.

Stretch Resistant Layer

This layer reinforces the screen protector with tear and puncture resistance, to ensure your screen is safe even when faced with sharp objects and heavy impacts.

What's In It For You?

Advanced Impact Protection

Military grade protection re-enginereed to provide the ultimate impact protection for your screen.

Shines and Feels Like Glass

Fused with LotusFX™ Glass coating, enjoy the smoothness you love from glass protectors, without the cracks and chips.

No More Broken Tempered Glass

Stay safe from ordinary glass protectors that crack or chip easily, which may cause accidental cuts and injuries.