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Our kids spend incredible time on digital gadgets.Whether playing games, surfing the internet, studying or watching their favourite movies, kids and teens now spend more time in front of screens than any generation before them.

Modern life is inescapable — children depend on technology to live, work, and play.

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While we are strong technology proponents, we also acknowledge that it has certain unwanted side effects. In particular, children are exposed to harmful chemicals from digital gadgets that disrupt sleep habits, eye health and overall humour.

Simple steps like limiting screen periods are a good beginning step in lessening this impact, but this can only take us to the day since technology plays an increasingly significant part in our lives.

Kids & Technology

Data tells you the truth you don’t know.

Average spend
3 hrs per day

Average spend
6 hrs per day

Average spend
9 hrs per day

Average spend
7.5 hrs per day

What Is Blue Light?

Keep your children stay away from it!

Blue light is light in the visible light spectrum known for its short wavelength and intensity. It is naturally present in the sun, delivering our brain messages that we should be awake and aware throughout the day.

However, we also spend so much time watching digital gadgets, which might give our brain numerous confusing signals. For example, blue light overstimulates our eyes and hinders the generation of melatonin in our brain, which is a substance that helps us sleep healthily.

Parenting Children in the Age of Screens

Engage with your child’s technological activities.
Get involved in your child’s digital world.

While the blue light may have a major influence on adult eyes, the impacts of blue light from digital gadgets are considerably more sensitive for youngsters.

When we are born, the crystalline lens in our eyes is clearly visible. Over the years, the lens progressively yellows with age owing to the exposure to UV or blue light.

More light enters
kids’ eyes than adults

Children also have a low quantity of macular pigment that functions in our eyes as the natural blue light filter. Only once the youngster grows up to roughly 9 years old is this macular pigment adequate. In addition, the eyes of a kid are bigger than those of an adult and hence more light enters the eye and reaches the retina.

As a parent you will already become acquainted with the effects of a dormant night, whether you are socialising on the playground or studying in the school, on your child’s mood and capacity to concentrate.

Armorvisor for Your Children's Future

No more worries! Choosing Armorvisor helps minimise the exposure to these harmful blue light, developing happy, healthy eyes for your children.

Unlike any other anti-blue light screen protectors in the market mobile applications and activating ‘night mode,’ which gives you an orange or purple tint to your screen, Armorvisor achieves this without discolouring your screen by retaining the true colors of your screen.

With all that blue light absorbed before it can reach your child’s eyes, they will suffer less pain using digital gadgets and enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep at the conclusion of every action-packed day.

The TRUE Protection for your KIDS

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