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Tempered Glass Problems

Why people still prefer using tempered glass?

Does your family having young children? Beware if you’re using tempered glass screen protector!

A popular misconception about tempered glass screen protectors is that they’re “Tough”. Yes, it may be tough on the surface (good in scratch protection), but it is brittle and breaks easily on impacts, creating dangerous sharp splinters that may hurt you or your family.

X.One® screen protectors have superior shock absorption capability over tempered glass. Why? Think of car bumpers. Are they made of glass or metal?  Perhaps rubberized materials?

Tempered glass is only a hard single piece of glass. While X.One®screen protector is made up of 5 layers of shock absorbing and dispersing materials, making it the best shock absorption screen protector in the world!

Young kids nowadays are exposed to digital multimedia. Kids explore everything with their mouths. Sucking and chewing on things is how they learn about their environment. What if the tempered glass that you are using is chipped or cracked? Ever thought what the consequences are? You’re more likely to create a dangerous playground for the younger ones.

Protect your loved ones today with X.One® screen protectors as they are made out of soft polymer plus silicon a combo material which is safe and unbreakable. It may have scratches due to the fact that it is made from a polymer-based material, but it will never break like tempered glass.

Furthermore, it is tested by SGS to be free from harmful material. To those who do not know who SGS is, SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. You may find out more on SGS HERE. 

Let’s create a safe environment for you and your family today!


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