Exclusive Gift Box

With the tying of a bow, with a personalised message card and the iconic paperbag, we at X.One work to transform each gift box into an extraordinary experience. Make your gift exceptional with us, with X.One.

Bespoke Packaging

All purchased items will be delivered in our iconic "You Play, We Protect" paperbag.

X.One Premium Gift Box

X.One offers exclusive box packaging that is highlighted with yellow accent on the inside to give a feeling of surprise for that special someone.

Gifts Within Your Gifts

Make it special. Write a personal handwritten note on the back of our latest message card when sending a gift.

Gifting Is An Art

With our wide range of Dropguard Series phone case, comes personalised name. Make it extraordinary and unforgettable for that special someone with just a click away.

Protecting Things That Matter To You

Enhance your screen protection X.One Armorvisor, made using hybrid polymer material. Not only it provides 6X Impact Protection for your screen, but also protects the eyes against harmful blue light!