GIA Certified Sapphire

X.One Camera Armor Pro is GIA Certified for quality assurance. GIA represents the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity.

Why choose Sapphire

Sapphire symbolize the depth of true love, as well as sincerity, and faithfulness.It is brilliant, highly-transparent and extremely strong in terms of its structure. Its most outstanding feature is its excellent resistance to scratches.

Superior Scratch Protection

Made using GIA certified synthetic sapphire to ensure your camera lens stays scratch free for longer period.

Ultra Thin

Only 0.27mm thin after applied. Does not add extra bulk to your lens.

Ultra Clear

Engineered using AR Optic Technology ensuring image and video quality will not be affected.

Super Hydrophobic Coating

Synthetic Sapphire has a smoother surface to ensure easy cleaning against dirt and smudges.

Style It Up

Customise your camera lens with popping colours by keeping it aesthetically pleasing and also protective.