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Tempered Glass Problems

Problems with Tempered Glass(Halo Effect)

Today, more and more cell phones have curved screen. Since tempered glass is rigid, making a perfect fit tempered glass screen protector has been a huge headache for manufacturers. The manufacturing process can never be perfect, both for the cell phone manufacturer and the tempered glass screen protector manufacturer. Currently, there are no good solutions for tempered glass.

The biggest problem with any full coverage tempered glass screen protector on the curved screen device is the “halo effect” or so-called “bubbles” or “white edges”, where the edge of the screen protector is separated from the cellphone.

To “fix” this problem, some manufacturers use adhesive on the edge, basically glue the screen protector to the cellphone. As long as the adhesive last, it solves the halo effect, but introduces a whole slew of other problems.

First of all, adhesive put the screen protector under stress, which makes it easier to shatter, degrades its effectiveness. Secondly, because the glued portion is under stress, it could chip the screen protector and even cut the user if he/she is not careful. Lastly, if you want to replace the tempered glass screen protector for whatever reason, the glued on pieces are going to be a pain to get off.

Some even recommended applying olive oil along the edges and the bubbles will eventually be gone for a certain period. What we do not know is that what if the oil accidentally gets into the internal part of the device and that little amount of oil will have the probability to damage the internal motherboard. Don’t be a cheapskate just to save your pocket money. Humans need to be protected and so does your phone!

So what are the recommendations? With X.One® Screen Protector (polymer-based), we can ensure you that you will never again experience any Halo Effect and this explains why our protectors cover only the flat surface of the screen and not covering all full-screen. Our full-screen protectors offer a 2.5D version which is case compatible with almost all of the casing in the market, no more ugly flipping on the edges and most of all, NO HALO EFFECT!


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